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Founder and President


While volunteering as a pharmacist in a remote orphanage in Uganda, Dr. Alaleh Khah decided to launch 1Donya to pursue a dream of a better world, where more people are empowered, and more women and children have better access to healthcare, education, and financial security. This dream was shaped through her years of traveling to more than 60 countries, working abroad, and volunteering her time as early as her teenage years for the International Eco-Peace Village all the way to the devastating earthquake in Haiti as a professional. In order to achieve this goal, Dr. Khah left the world of pharmacy to receive her MPH degree and establish 1Donya.

A Pharm.D., MPH and certified in Public Health, she speaks Spanish, German, and Persian. Dr. Khah utilizes her deep passion for helping others, exploration, innovation, and her own diverse culture to drive 1Donya forward. She truly believes if the global community properly mobilizes its resources, we can witness a more united world, 1Donya, starting now.

Dr. Alaleh Khah: About Us
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