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Dr. Roxana Samimi is an infectious disease specialist with a passion for working in resource-poor areas of the world. She is a true global citizen who has traveled to over thirty countries, speaks Spanish and Persian fluently, and is learning German and French. Dr. Samimi has dedicated her time as a volunteer in a small clinic in Nicaragua; serving as the only physician for a time, and in a tent hospital in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. Dr. Samimi is also trained in ‘Evaluating Immigrant Survivors of Torture and Ill Treatment’ with the Physicians for Human Rights Asylum Network.

A catastrophic surgical error on her forced Dr. Samimi to limit her humanitarian relief work abroad and to find alternative ways to empower those in need. As a person with an ostomy, her future goals include launching an ostomy awareness campaign to help other ostomates realize that living a full active life is completely possible. When not traveling around the US to work in areas with a shortage of physicians, Dr. Samimi conducts volunteer evaluations and writes affidavits for those fleeing persecution and torture.

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